Bel-Air ‘The Strength to Smile’ S1 EP6 – My Top Favorite Moments.


Bel-Air is definitely making its way to the top of my favorite TV shows list. Each week keeps getting better and better, and of course, last night’s episode did not disappoint.

Below are my top favorite moments from last night’s episode The Strength to Smile.

  • We Not Boys Anymore! – Lawd, they dragging my young boy on Social Media. After falling out with Trey last week, Trey went back to Philly bashing the sh*t out of Will. All over social media they were calling Will a traitor and dragging him for wanting to stay in Bel-Air. GlamGeeks, I HOLLERED when one of the comments said that Will’s breath always stank. Uncle Phil reminded him that we all go through things, and he isn’t the only one getting dragged on social media (remember they were coming for Uncle Phil last week). He knows it’s hard for Will but his family will always be there to hold him down.
Social Media Drags Will, Bel-Air Episode 6, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog
Will Gets Dragged on Social Media
  • GlamGeeks – I LOVE GEOFFREY. That is all! Now moving along…
Geoffery, Bel-Air Episode 6, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog
Geoffery & Uncle Phil
  • Hillary Gets Overwhelmed – While Aunt Viv is in the middle of planning an event for Lisa’s mother who passed away, the caterers she booked canceled on her. She reaches out to Hilary who ends up coming over to save the day. However, Hilary is on an extremely tight social media deadline from Kylo that she sorts of brushes off so she can help her Mother. Of course, Hilary comes through for her family but now she has to figure out a way to go viral on social media before she ends up getting evicted from the Influencer House.
  • What’s The Backstory with Aunt Viv & Vy? – While Hilary and Ashley are talking, Hilary brings up the fact that their mother Viv and their Aunt Vy stopped talking at one point. Hilary thinks it may have something to do with Will. However, before she could give us more details Uncle Phil shut it down. LAWD, GlamGeeks I hope that Uncle Phil is not Will’s Father. 😩 I’m stressed already! Listen, the way Uncle Phil shut that conversation down, I wouldn’t be surprised.
  • What’s The Deal Will? – Poor Will is trying his best to respect Carlton’s wishes and stay away from Lisa. However, Lisa senses something is wrong and asks Will what’s the deal. Unable to tell her the real reason, Will just tells her that he wants to give her space. Unfortunately, both of them butt heads and agree to give each other space. However, Will sees that Lisa really needs his support and does what he can to be there for her.
Lisa & Will, Bel-Air Episode 6, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog
Lisa & Will
  • It’s Always The Light Skins πŸ˜‘ – Last week we were introduced to Reed (with his sexy ass). He owns a gallery and has been pressuring Vivian to get back into painting. Reed sneaks off into Vivian’s art studio and she catches him admiring her art. While sweet-talking her Uncle Phil catches them and we sense a little tension in the air. Uncle Phil and Reed have a slight exchange before they all head out. I’ll tell you one thing, I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on Reed for Uncle Phil because I don’t trust him. Reed definitely wants more than a painting from Aunt Viv. OKAY! 
Reed and Aunt Viv, Bel-Air Episode 6, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog
Aunt Viv catches Reed in her Art Studio
  • Is Carlton Just Taking Advantage? – Carlton knows Lisa is extremely vulnerable due to her mother’s death. During the event for her mother, she realizes that he is only using her pain as an advantage to get back with her. She’s hurt and tired of dealing with Carlton and his bullsh*t. While expressing this to Will, Carlton overhears and loses it.  
  • A Breakdown Establishes A Brotherhood – After seeing Will and Lisa get closer, Carlton ends up doing a few lines of nose candy and suffered an anxiety attack. Carlton feels like he is losing control and has a major breakdown. Will realizing Carlton doesn’t have everything together like he appears to tries to comfort him and lets him know he isn’t alone. This was my favorite moment in the episode. In the original series aside from Hilary’s wardrobe, Will and Carlton’s bond was always my favorite. I can’t wait to see how their bond will develop during this series. 
Carlton suffers a major breakdown, Bel-Air Episode 6, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog
Carlton suffers a major breakdown
  • 1st Heartbreak πŸ’” – Poor Ashley finally gets the chance to tell her crush how she feels about her. Unfortunately, her crush has a crush on Will. πŸ˜‚ Poor tink tink.  
  • You Gon’ Learn Today – Angela (Lisa’s stepmom) learned the hard way to not step on the toes of a black woman, especially one from West Philly. Angela knew damn well her presence wasn’t wanted at the event, however, she continued to push Viv to let her give a speech. Despite Viv letting her know she couldn’t give a speech, Angela took it upon herself to ask Freddy and Lisa instead. Viv clearly upset with Angela overstepping her boundaries goes off and unleashed the girl from West Philly on Angela. The way Aunt Viv read Angela to filth πŸ˜‚ , trust me she did Elektra proud. So ashamed, all Freddy and Angela could do was leave the event. The best moment of it all was watching the pure joy on Lisa’s face. It warmed my heart so much seeing that smile on Lisa’s face when she realized she truly wasn’t alone. And that someone else hated Angela more than she did.
Aunt Viv and Angela, Bel-Air Episode 6, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog
Aunt Viv is ready to lay them HANDS on Angela.
  • They Smile In Your Face, All The Time They Wanna Take Your Place…THEM BACKSTABBERS! – After Geoffery does a little digging, he finds out that Freddy has entered the D.A race. He reports this news back to Uncle Phil and he lets Freddy know that he’s aware that he’s going to enter the race. Clearly feeling betrayed, Phil makes sure Geoffery keeps a watchful eye on him. Listen, the Bel-Air streets need a body so Geoffery better gets to work. I see Freddy being a HUGE problem for me and Uncle Phil. I also can’t wait to see how this will affect Lisa’s relationship with Carlton and Will, being that Freddy is Lisa’s father. 
Geoffrey and Freddy, Bel-Air Episode 6, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog
Geoffrey and Freddy have a staredown

Bel-Air is turning out a be quite a surprise, I can’t wait to see next week’s episode. I’m worried Hilary make take her talents to Only Fans to avoid moving back in with her parents. Hopefully, Ashely will be able to move on from her heartbreak. I hope Carlton gets some help before he really loses it. Vivan better NOT end up in bed with Reed and lawd knows I’m praying for Uncle Phil and this D.A race. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. What were your favorite moments from yesterday’s episode? Drop them below.