Snowfall ‘Lions’ S5 EP3 – My Top Favorite Moments.


Hey GlamGeeks, I know I’m late, however, it’s been a rough couple of days. However, I’m back and I’m ready to talk about my top favorite moments from this week’s episode of Snowfall (s5, ep3) ‘Lions’.

  • Where’s Grady? – The crew comes to the conclusion that Grady’s dead and Teddy is behind it. While they try to figure out why Teddy has returned, Frankin lets Aunt Louie and Uncle Jermone know that Teddy will not honor the price drop now that he’s back. Aunt Louie forces Franklin’s hand and pressures him to meet with Teddy, however, Franklin isn’t having it and shuts it down.
  • Whose Playing Possum? 😩 – Skullys back and of course, he’s still on his same ole bullsh*t 😆. Louie & Jerome let Skully know they are unable to honor the price drop that they promised him. Unfortunately, Skully was not trying to hear it 🤷🏽‍♀️. After a little back and forth Louie and Jerome agree to the price drop to keep the peace. Skully’s right hand Mello thinks he’s crazy for this deal and starts to devise a plan to get him out of the picture. Of course, Skully and his crazy ass get a feeling someone is trying to take him out.
  • Get Your House In Order First – Franklin and Teddy meet up to discuss the price drop. Teddy confirms that the prices are well within the margin and the problem is not the prices but Louie and Jerome branching off on their own. Tension is in the air and they both know they are not there to discuss pricing. So, Franklin shifts the conversation to the disappearance of Alton. Teddy assures him (well lied straight to his face) that he didn’t have anything to do with Alton disappearing. Of course, Franklin doesn’t believe him 🤷🏽‍♀️.
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  • OMG is Peaches Ok? – Y’all I love some Peaches but I’m a little worried? He either has a cold or HIV bug. During that time the bug was spreading like crazy so I’m definitely not ruling that out. I really hope he just has a bad cold, it’s going to be sad to see him go. 😔🥺 I’m not going to be ready for this.
  • Tell Me How You Really Feel? – Veronique asks Franklin how he feels now that Teddy has returned out of thin air. Franklin knows that he cannot trust him and he also knows he needs to confront him about his Father’s disappearance.
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Mello thinks Skully is dead – Snowfall S5 Ep3 Lions
  • Keys To The Kingdom – Louie and Jerome notice Mello’s greed for the top spot and decide to put a plan in motion to see if their theory is right. They reach out to Black Diamond and Dallas (even though they shot Louie last season it looks like things are behind them for now) to get some intel on Mello. After Louie and Jerome get what they need they meet up with Mello. He lets them know Skully is going to take them out after their next drop and they should work together to take him out. Knowing that Mello is the weak link, Louie and Jerome devise their own plan instead. Louie and Jerome finally catch Skully slipping. They let Mello know the situation has been handled, and just as he is about to celebrate Skully appears and kills him. I won’t lie y’all that scene was CRAZY, I definitely yelled ‘OH SH*T’ 😳. Skully, Louie, and Jerome put their differences aside and agree to keep the original prices. However, I wonder how long Skully will remain loyal to Aunt Louie and Uncle Jerome. 🤔
  • Be Careful Wanda 😳 – Strapped for cash Wanda reaches out to Franklin for a job, despite Leon telling her not to. Of course, he doesn’t want her around Franklin or drugs. He tells her he will help her find something but she gets impatient. I really hope Wanda doesn’t end up getting up caught when she goes back to working for Franklin. She’s come too far with her recovery, I’d hate to see her relapse.
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  • I Said What I Said ‘Queen Louie’ – Y’all Franklin went OFF on Louie. I know Louie felt like complete sh*t after. However, it was time that Franklin checked her ass. He laid all the cards out on the table for her. Franklin let her know that prices will NOT be dropping and they are only having issues because they decided to branch out on their own. Franklin told Louie and Jerome to cut the bullshi*t and return back home so they could get back to the original operation. Louie explains to Franklin that she doesn’t want to work for anyone (or be under anyone’s thumb), and Franklin explains to Louie that EVERYONE works for or with someone they don’t want to. He let her know that he has to work with the man that killed his father, that he’s tired of the bullshit and he’s prepared to do what he has to do if they want to walk away. Chile it was HOT!

I can’t wait for next week. How are things going to work now that Teddy and Franklin don’t trust each other? Will Louie and Jerome put things again and come back? Lawd, and what will happen when Leon finds out Wanda got a job with Franklin? This season is off to a great start, next week is going to be crazy. Ok, y’all pray for Peaches and share your favorite moments from this week’s episode below.