Power Book IV: Force ‘Take Me Home’ Ep5 – My Top Favorite Moments.


GlamGeeks I must say, after the last two episodes I’m starting to get a soft spot in my heart for Vic Flynn. He got on my last nerves the first three episodes but it looks like he’s finally coming around.

I definitely enjoyed this week’s episode ‘Take Me Home’. I’m loving the bond that Tommy and Liliana are developing and I’m also here for Chi-Town’s new Three Musketeers (Tommy, Vic & Diamond).

Check out below for my favorite moments from Power Book IV: Force episode 5 ‘Take Me Home’.

  • Kiss of life: Claudia meets up with Tommy to give him a small sample of ‘dahlia’. She kisses him so that he could get a taste and Tommy instantly falls out. GlamGeeks I fell out when Tommy was laid out on his car! LMFAO. After he meets up with Claudia, he takes the sample to Liliana to see if she could cut it so they could make a profit. 
Tommy after trying dahlia, Power Book IV: Force Ep 5, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl Blog, Curly Girl Blog
Tommy after trying dahlia
  • Heyyyy Diamond: While Diamond and his sexy ass is jogging he gets picked up by Detective Bennigan. During their exchange, we find out that Diamond was arrested due to distributing a toxic batch of coke. Sadly, Det. Bennigan’s sister was one of the users who got a hold of that bad batch. After Diamond lets him know he’s paid for what he’s done and trying to put the past behind him. He also made sure to let Det. Bennigan know that he knows that he’s on Vic’s payroll.  
  • Lawd, Keep an eye on Jenard: We finally get a little more background on why Jenard has such a grudge against Tommy. Jenard is jealous that Diamond is making moves with Tommy instead of him. After 15 years of holding down the CBI organization, he thought his brother would be at his side, not Tommy’s. Honestly, I don’t blame Jenard, he’s the one that held down the organization and made sure it remained relevant while Diamond was gone. I see some real trouble brewing because of this. I really hope Jenard doesn’t take Diamond out so he can gain full control! 
  • Take this for Tati: Mirkovic is in town and he wants payback for Tatiana. That quick shot to the head that he gave one of the soldiers made sure we all knew it. LMFAO! He orders his crew to immediately find and kill Tommy. Due to Liliana slipping they are able to kidnap her and hold her hostage to draw Tommy out. However, Liliana held it down and didn’t give up Tommy’s location. 
  • “A man without a plan is the dead man in the room”: Tommy meets with Vic and Diamond to discuss a plan to take out the Serbs. While discussing ownership percentages of the pipeline they will soon take over, they all agree to give Diamond and CBI the larger stake since he will be providing the majority of the muscle. They put their game plan into motion and strategically started taking out the Serbs. 
  • Time to take CBI to another level: Diamond has to convince Jenard to let CBI soldiers help Tommy take out the Serbs. Jenard isn’t really onboard, however Diamond is able to change his mind once he lets know him they will have the controlling stake in the pipeline. If this deal is done right, they will be able to do what no other Black Criminal Organization in Chicago has done.   
  • “I hope it’s worth it”: Similar to Diamond, Vic has to convince Simon to make this move with him to help back Tommy against the Serbs. And just like Jenard, Simon is a bit hesitant. However, Vic lets him know once this deal is done they will be able to separate themselves from the Flynn family name and branch out on their own.  
  • “I’m good because of you”: Due to the heat coming with the Serbs, Tommy wants to get Liliana out of Chicago. However, Liliana lets Tommy know this is the only life she knows and she’s not going to leave him. She is going to stick by his side because she knows he will protect her. Hey like she said, they have history! 
Liliana, Power Book IV: Force Ep 5, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl Blog, Curly Girl Blog
Liliana – “I’m Good Because of You”
  • “I need you to run interference”: Baby Walter Flynn aka Claudia was cutting up this episode 😂. Mia started to get impatient and asked Claudia what was going on with the distribution of dahlia. Claudia on the other hand is busy putting pieces in place to ensure that she is the only supplier. She cuts a deal with Tommy to steal Mia’s supply so she would become dependent on her. Mia seeing through Claudia’s bullshit threatens to leave and find a new distributor, however, she met a fatal end. Awe, Claudia caught her first body, Papa would be proud! 
Claudia Flynn, Power Book IV: Force Ep 5, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl Blog, Curly Girl Blog
Claudia Flynn speaking to Mia
  • “That’s a beautiful dream. No, It’s our reality”: Vic takes Gloria to see some land that he purchased for them. You can tell Vic really loves him some Gloria. I’m low-key salty she gave it up to Tommy so fast but I’ll leave that alone (for now). Anyway, while taking in the scenery and Gloria (wink wink) word gets back to Papa Flynn. Of course, Papa Flynn lets Vic know that relationship will never happen as long as he’s next in line to take over the Flynn family. Vic at this point doesn’t care anymore, after a heated argument Papa Flynn gives Vic a bitch slap that only Rick James could be proud of. Claudia takes it upon herself to go and try to smooth things out with Gloria. She offers to buy her out to keep the peace in her family but it looks like Gloria wasn’t trying to hear it. Gloria ends up letting it slip to Claudia that Papa Flynn is sick. GlamGeeks – I’m telling y’all I have a feeling Papa Flynn is going to kill Gloria and in return, Vic is going to kill him. UGH 😣 
Gloria, Power Book IV: Force Ep 5, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl Blog, Curly Girl Blog
Gloria talking to Walter Flynn

GlamGeeks – J.P is going to call Kate and she’s going to show up in Chi-Town. Oh, and it looks like J.P and Tommy may have actually crossed paths when they were younger. Can’t wait for more on this. 

The Three Musketeers take over Chicago: Tommy and the boys start working on taking out the Serbs. Things are off to a good start but Vic loses Simon and CBI loses Elijah in the process. However, they were still able to get the job done. After finding out Tommy and his team took out the majority of his soldiers, Mirkovic arranges a meeting with Tommy. Tommy gives the team a heads up he has to meet with Mirkovic and save Liliana, however, Vic and Diamond let Tommy know their end of the deal is fulfilled and he’s on his own. Tommy heads out to finish the job and save Liliana, however, while bargaining for her life Jenard does a drive-by shooting giving them the chance to escape. The crazy part about that drive-by is, I’m not sure if Jenard did it to kill Tommy and get him out the way or save Liliana because he was hooked on that kiss from last week.