FX Snowfall S5 Ep4 – My Top Favorite Moments

GlamGeeks, I hope you were able to catch another great episode of FX Snowfall. Early this morning was pretty action-packed for me between Bel-Air, Chicago P.D, and Snowfall. OMG, I still have to catch up on Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crime. Anyway, let us talk about my top favorite moments from this week’s episode of Snowfall (s5, ep4) Revolutions.

  • Cissy is back 😊 – Upon Cissy’s return, as she enters her home we get a quick flashback of when she, Alton, and Franklin first moved there. Now, back to the present day, Cissy pops up on the family to surprise them and let them know she’s home. After finally meeting Veronique and getting an update on the family business. Cissy slowly starts to get back into the swing of things. 
    • Sidenote: In Cissy’s flashback she mentioned that she has two brothers. Why haven’t we seen the other brother yet? Where is he? I hope they address this later in the season because I want to know who this brother is.  
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Veronique meets Cissy
  • Watch what you’re rapping about! – While at their warehouse, Jerome and his crew get a hold of a mixtape featuring a young boy named Maurice whose rapping about Franklin’s operation in the projects. Maurice tries to explain to Jerome and Leon that he’s only rapping about what he observes. However, instead of killing him, the boys take all of Maurice’s mixtapes and leave him with a harsh warning: Be careful of who and what you are rapping about.
  • Meet the CRASH Unit – Due to Louie not fulfilling her end of the bargain, Detective Buckley and his Crash Unit trashed and raided the projects where Leon operates. After everyone was bailed out, Leon and Jerome made sure to let Louie know she had to fix this problem. I hope Aunt Louie finds a way to handle this situation and get Detective Buckley off her back. Also, my boy Leon was extremely (and I mean EXTREMELY) pissed about that raid and the force the Crash unit used.  
Leon and Jerome with the boys at the projects, FX Snowfall, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Stoner Girl Blog, Geek Culture Blog, Fashion Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl Blog, Curly Girl Blog
Leon & Jerome with the boys at the projects
  • Now Franklin 😑! – GlamGeeks, I was so pissed at Franklin for going to Teddy to get help with the raids on the projects. I feel like both Teddy and I yelled “NO” at the same time😩. I mean, if he didn’t want to help Franklin out on the price drop, why would he think he would help him out with the police? Right now, it’s strictly business between the two. And to be honest we know Teddy will only make moves if Franklin is involved. He could care less about Leon, Jerome, Louie, or the projects. I know I wasn’t the only one that screamed when Teddy tried to give an update on traffic before he left like that was supposed to smooth things over. 😩🤣🤣🤣🤣 Teddy ain’t shit! 
Teddy meets with Franklin, FX Snowfall, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Stoner Girl Blog, Geek Culture Blog, Fashion Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl Blog, Curly Girl Blog
Teddy meets with Franklin
  • Are you starting a Revolution? – After Leon’s run-in with the Crash unit at the projects, he heads over to Avi to purchase some additional firepower for protection. Avi realizing what the extra firepower is for warns Leon to tread lightly. However, Avi’s words fall on deaf ears.  
  • Wanda better clean that damn house! Okay, now moving along. 
  • Y’all need to patch that shit up – Louie tries to back out of the family dinner that Franklin has planned for Cissy. Jerome quickly shut that shit down and reminded her that family comes first. And, with everything that he’s done for her, she shouldn’t even question going to the dinner. Her beef can be put aside for at least one night so the family could celebrate Cissy’s return. GlamGeeks, Louie definitely played herself for trying to pull this move! 
  • I gotta be here for my people – Now, Jerome may have gotten Louie to attend Cissy’s dinner, but Franklin on the other hand didn’t have the same luck with Leon. Leon made sure to stress to Franklin that he’s thankful for everything Cissy has done for him, however, he has to be there to protect his people in the project. I was a bit disappointed in Leon, especially after all Cissy has done. He could have at least stopped by the dinner for about 10-20minutes. 😒
  • The Family DinnerGlamGeeks, don’t lie how many of us were waiting to see if Louie would pull a Diana at the dinner table 🤣 🤣🤣? Or did Jerome’s big ass fur distract you instead? 🤣 Listen, Uncle Jerome was showing out for his sister! Anyway, the dinner was going well and Cissy was catching up on what has been happening since she’s been away. They discuss Alton for a bit and Cissy assures the family that she believes that Teddy was behind it. Crissy noticing the tension between Frankin and Louie asks what’s going on. Louie, forcing Franklin’s hand, had him break the news to Cissy that Teddy has returned. 
  • I always got your back – Cissy goes to check in on Leon. She gives him a reminder that he’s not alone and she is always there if he needs her. Similar to Avi, Crissy notices that Leon is on a dangerous path trying to protect his people. I was thankful she was able to talk some sense into him about his revolution. Hopefully, he listens to the smarter approach she told him to take.
  • Let me find out Jerome is about to start a record label 😩😩😩… 
  • I see you, Cissy! – I see Cissy has been keeping secrets and making some moves behind her family’s back. I’m not sure who that man she met at the diner was. However, I do know she’s working with him to take down Teddy. I really hope she’s careful because I’d really hate for her to end up like Alton. Also, it looks like her true intent for coming back home wasn’t solely because she missed her family but to get justice for Alton. 

I can’t wait for next week, it’s going to be explosive. The trailer looks amazing (see below). I hope y’all still praying for Peaches. Drop your favorite moments from this week’s episode below.