My Birthday Message From Batman (Kevin Conroy)💝

GlamGeeks I want to share one of my Birthday gifts with you, one that I will cherish forever. As you all already know I’m a die-hard Batman fan and one of my favorite Batmans of all time is Kevin Conroy. Kevin’s voice and character are what made me fall in love with the Cape Crusader. This gift is special to me for so two reasons: 1. I now have a personal message in addition to an autograph from Mr. Conroy and 2. The song he is singing at the beginning of my personal message is from one of my favorite Justice League Unlimited episodes. I will never forget seeing Batman sing this song for the first time, first thing that came to my mind was “my favorite Superhero can literally do EVERYTHING”.

Well, enough of my rambling, check out my 40th Birthday Gift from Batman aka the Cape Crusader aka Bruce Wayne aka Mr. Kevin Conroy.

My Personal Birthday Message From Kevin Conroy

In case you never saw the Justice League Unlimited episode where Batman (the Frank Sinatra of the DC Universe) sings this song – check out the video below: