Happy 1 Year Anniversary – Tiffany Glamour Geek Blog. 🥳

Wow! Happy 1 Year Anniversary GlamGeeks! I’m extremely proud that we’ve made it. It has definitely been one heck of a ride. When I started the Glamour Geek Blog it was just for me to talk about my love for comics, crystals, cannabis, and more. What I didn’t expect was to receive so much love and support from my fellow Bloggers and my GlamGeeks (Readers). I’m extremely excited as we continue our journey into another year. I hope you GlamGeeks stay along for the ride.

Celebrate our Anniversary with us and check out our most popular Blog Posts over the past year.

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Everyone Hates Effie…expect Me! (EP 6 SPOILERS)

Power: Ghost II ep 6 SPOILERS AHEAD One thing y’all gonna do is watch y’all mouth when talking about my Baby Girl! 😩 Listen, I play no games when it comes to Effie Morales(Alix Lapri), OK! When I was first introduced to Effie in season 6, episode 2 of Power, I instantly fell in love…

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My 2022 Blogging Goals💖

Last year when I launched The Daily Cheeba Blog (now Tiffany the Glamour Geek Blog), I didn’t have goals set in place; the only goal I had in mind was to write. For 2022, I have a better idea of the direction I want to take my blog in, and I made sure to set…

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How To Be A More Positive ME!

Yesterday my Journal asked me a pretty cool question that I wanted to share with you guys, ‘What steps are you taking to ensure your happiness?‘ Now, for a person who’s pretty hard on themselves, this left me stuck for a bit. And Trust me, I was thinking HARD! 🤔 While taking a trip down memory…

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Vice Ray Sunglasses 😎 – Store Your Joints In Style!

Of course, we all know I’m super excited for this Summer! New York City is opening back up and Cannabis is LEGAL 😃; I can enjoy a joint anywhere cigarette are allowed! YAY! I love to take long walks so it’s great that I can puff a joint while taking a stroll! Anyway, recently I…

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Curl Chat w/ Tiffany – SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Yogurt Line

We are back with another “Curl Chat w/ Tiffany”💙 This week I’ll be featuring another one of my favorite lines, SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt. This amazing line allows me to cleanse, hydrate, and repair my 3c high porosity (color-treated hair) all in one shot. As we already know (check out my last Cheeba’s Curl…

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I look forward to sharing more about myself and my favorite things with you GlamGeeks. Here’s to another magical year!