Power Book IV: Force ‘He Ain’t Heavy’ Ep 8 – My Top Favorite Moments.


First thing first let’s pour something out for our girl Gloria. I definitely was not ready to let her go. I don’t know but I wanted her to get pregnant or something first just to get under Walter’s skin. 😫

If you are a TRUE Power TV fan then you know episode 8 is when ish hits the fan. And, trust me when I tell you, they did not disappoint this week. Now, let’s get into the goodies and talk about my favorite moments from Power Book IV: Force episode 8 ‘He Ain’t Heavy”.

  • Walter’s biggest fight! – We find out Papa Flynn has lung cancer. The good news is they caught it early, and there are several options Walter can use for treatment. We all know Walter loves a good fight, so we know he will be giving cancer a good one. 
  • “I’m thinking we need another cook.” – Business is off to a great start, and now Tommy needs another cook to keep up with the demand of Dahila. Since Tommy is new to Chicago and doesn’t trust anyone there, he reaches out to the only person he can trust besides Liliana, his brother J.P. 
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J.P, Liliana & Tommy
  • “Don’t mistake power for vision.” – During a quick discussion with Tommy, Claudia lets him know she isn’t comfortable with how much control he has. Claudia is ready to expand while Tommy is still vetting things out and getting them in motion. Claudia doesn’t have much faith in Tommy and thinks he may end up being another version of her Father. Because of this, she sneaks behind his back AGAIN! 
  • “CBI started with you it’s going to end with you.” – GlamGeeks, Jenard is up to no damn good, you hear me? Diamond asks Jenard what would his vision for CBI be. Jenard lets Diamond know that he would put everything behind Dahila. I’m not sure if Diamond was picking his brain, or maybe Diamond knows Jenard is setting things in motion behind his back. All I know is my gut is telling me, Diamond, better take out Jenard before he takes him out. 
  • “It’s nice to be around a professional fcuking Criminal.” – Liliana has proven she’s a loyal partner to Tommy. Finally, gaining some trust in Liliana, Tommy opens up to her about his brother and bringing him on as a cook. I know I’m not the only one loving the development of Tommy and Liliana’s bond. 
  • Walter’s kids still stressing him out! – 
    • Walter questions Claudia about what she has been doing and the disappearance of the two guards he had watching her. Walter warns her that whatever it is that she is up to, he will find out and crush it with his boot. Claudia lets her Father know that she’s just like him and ready for any fight (Daddy’s Girl😉). 
    • Walter lets Vic know he wants him to find out what Claudia is up to. Vic agrees, but he wants to know why Walter told him that he is sick but hasn’t told Claudia yet. Walter tells Vic that he will be taking over when he dies, that’s why he told him. Of course, Vic lets him know that he is ready and willing to take over…with Gloria at his side. However, Walter shuts that down, AGAIN! 😩
  • R.I.P Grandma Egan. – J.P goes to visit his grandmother, while he’s there she ends up passing away. J.P breaks the news to Tommy and lets him know they should call their Mother, Kate. Tommy objects but you can tell J.P wasn’t trying to hear it. 
  • “Luck don’t play a role in this fcuking game, Doc.” – While connecting in the lab the Doctor asks Liliana about her war wounds. After being shot, stabbed, burned, sliced, etc. the Doctor questions how she’s still here and still in the game. Suggesting it could be due to luck, Liliana lets her know there is no such thing as luck in this game. She made it this far because she’s a survivor. 
  • “I didn’t know this was a job interview” – Walter is currently getting an understanding of who Tommy really is! Realizing he wouldn’t be able to control him, Walter invites Tommy to join the Flynn Organization (keep your friends close, and your enemies closer). Tommy, who’s focused on being his own boss declines the invitation. I can see that Tommy starting to grow on Walter. I love that Tommy even gave him some friendly advice before he left. 
Power Book IV: Force Ep. 8, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog
Walter Flynn & Tommy
  • Damnit, Claudia Don’t Listen! – Claudia goes behind Tommy’s back AGAIN by trying to negotiate with the CBI Brothers. Claudia offers Diamond 10%, however, Diamond quickly shuts that offer down. With Claudia only offering 10%, Diamond realizes that she has other partners that may not be on board with this deal.  
    • GlamGeeks, I can not wait for Tommy to find out about this deal. He already expressed to Claudia that he does not want to work with Jenard, and he will bring Diamond in when he’s ready. This is going to cost Claudia – trust me! 
  • Paulie gives Walter a piece of advice – Walter lets Paulie know that he has cancer and is worried about his kids. Paulie suggests to him to back off and lose the iron grip he has on his kids for the sake of their family’s survival. Watler finally realizing he’s fighting a losing battle, tells Paulie to call off the hit on Gloria. Paulie the smooth general that he is, let Walter know he never went through with the hit in the first place. 
  • “You, Gotta, Get The Fcuk Outta Chicago.” – After he meets with Walter, Tommy heads over to Vic to warn him about the hit on Gloria. Vic not fully trusting Tommy hesitates and doesn’t believe him. Tommy reminds Vic that he has been 100% with him at all times, and this isn’t to protect him, it’s for Gloria. Tommy gives Vic keys to an unmarked car so that he and Gloria could get out of the city safely.  
  • “You’re More Than A Story.” – YAS!, Diamond finally caught Adrienne slipping. Diamond lets Adrienne know that he’s done a little digging and knows more about her than she thought he did. Diamond knows she’s up to no good and questions her motives. Adrienne tells him about the story she was covering and her meeting with Elijah. Since he was a no-show and Diamond showed up she spoke with him instead. Adrienne lets Diamond know she ended up getting feelings for him, and she won’t do the story on him if he’s against it. 
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Diamond & Adrienne
  • Hey Nephew! – D-Mac gets caught by Tommy AGAIN for lurking around! No longer with CBI, D-Mac asks Tommy for a job, and after a quick street interview, Tommy agrees. Later while doing a little digging on D-Mac, Tommy finds out that he’s J.P’s son (aka his nephew). I can’t wait to see how this relationship develops. You can tell D-Mac just wants a Father figure and some guidance. Hopefully, Uncle Tommy can kill two birds with one stone, teach him the streets and repair a broken relationship with his father. 
  • LAWD, They got Glo! – Due to Walter going John Wick on the Serbs, they came back with a vengeance this week. Since Vic didn’t take Tommy’s advice and use an unmarked car, the Serbs were able to spot him and take revenge. After ramming their car into Vic’s, the Serbs then opened fire, killing Gloria in the process. 
    • Let’s brace ourselves for Vic’s wrath that will be coming next week. That sweet lovable Vic that we got in the first 7 episodes died with Gloria. SMFH! Should have used that unmarked car.
Power Book IV: Force Ep. 8, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog
Glo & Vic💖
  • “Gary, Ready!” – 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Jenard robs one of Tommy’s distributors for their Dahila stash and takes it to his distributors in Gary, Indiana. After introducing them to the Black Magic he negotiates a deal with them. No payment for Dahila, however, he wants them on standby for a hit instead.   
    • Aside from the hit being a bad idea, Jenard played himself giving out that batch of Dahila knowing he doesn’t have a re-up. This is definitely going to cause some problems. 
  • OMG, Is Kate Back? – Listen, we can’t have a show about Tommy and not bring Kate! I don’t care how mad Tommy is at Kate, I want to see my girl Kate! J.P called his momma, however she didn’t look too happy when she realized who it was LMFAO! Anyway, I can’t wait to see Tommy’s face when he realizes Kate is coming and it was J.P who called her.  

Did you guys enjoy episode 8? Share your favorite moments below. I’m super excited for next week Check out the trailer below: