Bel-Air S1 EP10 Season Finale – Trailer & Things I Better See!


GlamGeeks, I hope you didn’t miss last week’s episode of Bel-Air. Trust me when I tell you it was one heck of an explosive episode. There were so many jaw-dropping and edge-losing moments. OMG, I LOVED IT! Some of my favorite moments included Lisa and her father finding out the real reason why Will moved to Bel-Air, Will asking Geoffery to track down his father causing major tension between Geoffery and Uncle Phil, and Uncle Phil dropping out of the race for DA. I think myself and everyone included lost it when Uncle Phil ended up firing Geoffery. Now, I don’t want to say I don’t care what happens this week but all I know is someone better call Geoffery and tell him to come BACK!

I hope you are ready for episode 10 this week. I’m looking forward to seeing if Uncle Phil calls Geoffery and apologizes; If Aunt Viv can keep her cool (and her pants on) around Reed; If the real Will Smith will pay Lou (Will’s Father) and of course Hilary’s wardrobe. Check out the trailer for episode 10 below and let me know what moments are you excited to see this week? Share the below.