Bel-Air 👑 Season Finale – My Top Favorite Moments.


GlamGeeks, after that explosive season finale, Bel-Air is definitely becoming one of my favorite TV shows. During this entire first season, each episode just kept getting better and better. The writers and directors understood their assignment and produced an amazing series.

After watching the series finale, season 2 cannot get here fast enough. I hope you were able to catch this week’s episode. Below are my favorite moments from Bel-Air episode 10 ‘Where To?’. Oh, and before I get started can we all agree that the MVP for this season goes to Jazz (Jordan L. Jones ). Just him being the voice of reason for Will (and Hilary) definitely played a huge part. 

  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Viv paints a stunning portrait of Will as the Fresh Prince and highlights a few of his amazing qualities and traits. Remeber, Will was Vivian’s inspiration for going back into painting, so it was incredible to see her dedicate one of her paintings to him. 
Will and Uncle Phil in front of Aunt Viv's portrait, Tiffany Glamour Geek Blog, Geek Culture Blog
Will and Uncle Phil in front of Aunt Viv’s portrait
  • “You’re the only father that I ever knew” – Will expresses his gratitude to Uncle Phil for saving his life, taking him in, and treating him as his own. 
  • Before we continue can we give it up for Aunt Viv’s hairstylist for this episode? Ok, moving along. 
  • Hilary is quick on her toes 😩 – Listen I cannot express how much I am loving this reboot of Hilary Banks. Determined not to let that setback of moving of out Kylo’s Influencers House, hold her back. Hilary is making sure that nothing gets in the way of turning her dreams into reality. Not even her parents. While connecting with a popular influencer and old friend Ivy, about her business goals and plan, Jazz with his sexy self walks up (with a shirt that would make the late great Jerry Buss proud) to greet them. After introducing Jazz to Ivy, Hilary notices a little flirting between the two. Hilary not wasting any more time makes her move on Jazz. GO HILARY GO! 
Hilary introduces Ivy to Jazz, Tiffany Glamour Geek Blog, Geek Culture Blog
Hilary introduces Ivy to Jazz
  • “I’m trying to keep whatever this is going” – Jazz is really digging Hilary and he lets her know that she’s more than a pretty face to him. He lets her know that he sees her intelligence, her drive, and her dedication to making it on her own. She just needs to think bigger for herself.  
Jazz & Hilary hook up, Tiffany Glamour Geek Blog, Geek Culture Blog
Jazz & Hilary hook up
  • Where’s Geoffery? – The kids, Vivan, and I are all missing Geoffery’s presence. The kids do a little investigating, put 2 and 2 together and find out that Phil fired Geoffery. I know one thing once the dust settles Viv is going to put her foot up Phill a** for this screwup. SMH, poor kids in the house starving because Geoffery is gone! BRING GEOFFERY BACK NOW! 
  • Viv reconnects with Reed – Viv visits Reed to express her gratitude and appreciation for helping her get accepted into the fellowship. Vivian also apologized for things getting out of hand between him and Phil during their last encounter. She hopes to put it behind them so they can work together moving forward. GlamGeeks, I don’t like this one bit, I see this becoming a problem in season 2. 
Vivan meets up with Reed, Tiffany Glamour Geek Blog, Geek Culture Blog
Vivan meets up with Reed
  • Lou makes his grand appearance – After 13 years, Will’s father Lou (Marlon Wayans) shows up. Is it me or didn’t it look like Lou waited until Will’s car left the estate before he drove up 🤔. I felt like his car was just sitting there waiting for Will to leave. Anyway, this explosive scene with Lou asking Phil to see Will was phenomenal. Lou tries to let Phil know that he’s not the same man that he used to be. He also lets Phil know that Geoffery reached out to him and that he wants to see his son. Phil on the other hand stress that Will is in a better place and doesn’t need him or his bullsh*t. You could see and hear the hurt, resentment, and lack of trust from both sides. This scene was just as impactful as the original.  
  • Carlon Banks P.I – Carlton raids his Dad’s office to find the report that Geoffery left for Will. After finding it and reading it, Carlton decides to give Will the report and let him know that his father showed up at the mansion earlier.
  • “I didn’t want him to hurt you more than he already did” – Will confronts Phil, Viv, and his mom about hiding his father from him. The adults try their best to comfort Will and explain the situation. However, he is just too hurt and upset. Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil try to smooth things over and talk to Will and let him know it’s okay if he wants to meet his father.     
  • Vivian don’t play that! – Will’s father comes to see him and beforehand Aunt Viv leaves him with a little advice and a warning. That West Philly stays coming out of Aunt Viv, and I’m here for it every time.🤣🤣🤣. 
Aunt Viv gives a warning, Tiffany Glamour Geek Blog, Geek Culture Blog
Aunt Viv gives a warning
  • Father meets Son – Will finally meets Lou. Will wants to know why he hasn’t seen or heard from him in 13 years. Lou tries to explain to Will that he didn’t have it easy and that things go in the way. He expressed to him how much he loved him and thought about him every day while he was locked up (yup, he took Aunt Viv’s advice), but he choose to keep his distance since he felt Will would be better off. After connecting for a bit the conversation shifts to Will’s mother, Lou says some things that maybe he shouldn’t have said, and things get heated. During the argument, Lou puts his hands on Will and shows his true colors. Will lets Lou know that he never wants to see him again. GlamGeeks, I could feel the pain, anger, and heartbreak like I was standing in the room with Lou and Will. Both actors gave an outstanding performance. 
  • Family Matters – After the fight with his dad, Will ends up having a heated discussion with Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv. After all the lies and betrayal he doesn’t feel like they’re family anymore. Hurt, confused and heartbroken Will grabs his belongings and leaves the mansion to escape the drama. 
  • A brotherhood has formed – GlamGeeks, to see the bond between Carlton and Will develop in this episode brought tears to my eyes (literally). Carlton finding the report, giving Will money before he left, and reaching out to Lisa for help find Will was beyond touching. As I previously mentioned, Will and Carlton’s bond in the original series was my favorite element. To see Carlton break down in front of Lisa and express his love for Will touched my heart. I can’t wait to see what antics those two will get into next season. 
Carlton's breakdown about Will, Tiffany Glamour Geek Blog, Geek Culture Blog
Carlton’s breakdown about Will
  • Jazz, the MVP – While everyone was searching for Will, Jazz finds him at the first place he took WIll to when he arrived in Bel-Air. Jazz sees that Will is hurt lets him know that there are people who love him looking for him. Will, tries his best to push back on Jazz, however, Jazz reminds him that he has his life and people who love him. And even though life may get rough, you have to push through it. As Jazz lets Will know he’s there for him, while he’s talking, Meek Mill’s Dream & Nightmares closes the episode out. 

GlamGeeks, this was one phenomenal series. The actors, the wardrobe, the storyline, and the soundtrack all came together perfectly to give us this spectacular series. Every actor played homage to their original counterpart. I am beyond excited for season 2. Will Geoffery come back? Will Aunt Viv and Reed get caught in an entanglement? What will Phil be up to now that he’s no longer in the race for D.A? What trouble will Carlton and Will get into? and of course, Hilary’s wardrobe.

What were your favorite moments from Bel-Air’s season finale? Share them below.