Marvel’s Moon Knight – My New Favorite Disney Plus Series.

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GlamGeeks, the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has done it again. Their latest TV series Moon Knight is absolutely AMAZING! Until now, Loki was my favorite series that was released on Disney Plus, but with the release of Moon Knight, that may no longer be the case. The first two episodes were nothing short of action-packed and filled with easter eggs. If the series continues at this pace it will probably be one of the best TV series (based on a comic book) ever made.

Moon Knight, Midnight Sons, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl Blog

If you’re not familiar with Moon Knight, in the comics his name is Marc Spector, who was once a mercenary left for dead in the desert, where he was revived by the Moon-god Khonshu. Appointed as Khonshu’s fist and high priest, Moon Knight enacts justice to protect those who travel at night. Marc also has dissociative identity disorder, some of his alter egos being millionaire Steven Grant and cab driver Jake Lockley. For the TV series, they end up switching this around a bit. Instead of Marc’s three personalities, it looks like they will only be focusing on two (for now). Also, instead of Steven being a millionaire, he’s just a mild-mannered gift shop employee.

Can we talk about the incredible job that Ethan Hawke is doing portraying Arthur Harrow,  the religious zealot, and leader of a cult devoted to the Egyptian god Ammit? He is probably one of my favorite characters on the show so far, aside from Steven/Marc/Moon Knight. I can’t lie, he actually scares me as much as Kohnshu does during episodes 1 and 2 😩. I’m excited to see what these two will get into this season. During episode 2 we learn that Arthur was the previous avatar for Kohnshu so he has a slight idea of what Marc/Steven is going through with him. I definitely want to get more background on what happened with Arthur and Kohnshu and what caused Kohnshu to want to find another avatar.

Ok, so I and other fans of Moon Knight all probably screamed at the same time when we saw this golden statue that resembles Crawley. For those who don’t know, Crawley is a part of Marc’s inner circle and serves as a street informant for him. Of course, when I saw Crawley’s name in the end credits of episode 1, I was too hyped. I must say whoever did the casting for this role, understood the assignment. Now that Marc’s personality has taken the lead (ep. 2) I wonder if Crawley will make himself known. We got a hint this may happen in episode 2 when he made a slight move after Steven hugged him. Speaking of inner circles, we also get a hint of another one of Marc’s sidekicks, Frenchie DuChamp. I noticed his name come up on Marc’s phone in the missed call log. So, I’m patiently waiting to see when he will make his appearance as well. I’m hoping to see either Crawley or DuChamp show up in episode 3 or 4. The way things ended in episode 2 he’s definitely going to need some additional help.

Now, my favorite moment from the series is the astonishing costumes. Moon Knight’s and Mr. Knight’s were so dope and the fact that they were comic book accurate made me appreciate them more. I was actually pretty amazed to see Mr. Knight appear so early (i.e. in episode 2), however, that did not stop me from screaming when I saw him. For those who don’t know who Mr. Knight is he’s Steven Grant’s version of Moon Knight. He’s hyper-confident and a hyper-intelligent version of Moon Knight. I sort of like to think of him as a Batman replica 😩 (no one comes before Batman). Anyway, I hope we get to see Mr. Knight as much as we see Moon Knight during this series.

Moon Knight, Midnight Sons, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl Blog
Moon Knight, Steven Grant/Marc Spector, Mr. Knight

Anyway, I’m extremely excited to see what’s in store for the remainder of the season. I want to see if they will fill in those gaps that we’ve missed when Steven blacked out. I also want to see if we will get a little more background on Marc/Steven and how he ended up becoming Kohnshu’s avatar. Finally, by the end of the season, I better get some kind of easter egg or hint that the Midnights Sons will be coming to the MCU.

Later Gators!