My Favorite Moments from Power Book IV: Force Season Finale.

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GlamGeeks, it’s with a heavy heart that I have to start my post off like this R.I.P to our girl Liliana. I have to say this is the second death that I found disappointing, unnecessary, and heartbreaking since I have been watching Power. Despite it taking several years, I finally got over the fact that Ghost is dead and would never return. It took me many years to accept it as well. However, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get over Liliana’s death. She could have given us another 3 or 4 seasons, there was no way the writers could have felt her character served her purpose. NO WAY!

Aside from Liliana’s death, I enjoyed the season finale for Power Book IV: Force. I know many felt that this book started a bit slow but I feel like the original Power started slow as well. However, season 2 was when ish really hit the fan and I became an addict. So, I’m excited to see how things will pop off for the next season of Force. 

Anyway, below are my favorite moments from Power Book IV: Force ‘Famly Business’- 

  • The Sibling Rivalry has officially begun- Diamond hasn’t been in the best of moods ever since finding out Jenard wants him out of the picture. Of course, Jenard isn’t aware that Diamond knows. Jenard sets up a plan to ambush Diamond. However, always two steps ahead, Diamond gets wind of the ambush and makes his escape. 
  • “1 Down, 3 To Go”- The Flynn Family made a call to Dublin last week to bring over the 4 Horsemen to take Tommy and the Serbs out. While celebrating their arrival at Gloria’s (R.I.P) Bar, one of the Horsemen stepped out back for a quick blow job but suffered a fatal end at the hands of Tommy instead. 
  • Father/Son Talk- D-Mac wakes up in the hospital to his Dad, J.P. J.P apologizes to his son for not being there when he needed and wanted him. At first, D-Mac tried to push J.P away but later stopped resisting. Of course, J.P sends Uncle Tommy to find out who was behind the shooting.  
  • Well, Hello Diamond- We are finally introduced to the old Diamond. After escaping his ambush, Diamond kidnaps and tortures Blaxton to find out who was after him.  *sidenote: I HOLLERED when Diamond walked in with his bat looking like Negan from The Walking Dead.*  After getting confirmation that his Brother was behind the set-up. Diamond killed Blaxton and left his body waiting on Jenard’s living room table.  SMFH! They done woke a sleeping bear. I bet they don’t think he’s soft now!
  • Kate Has Landed- Tommy heads back to his Grandmother’s place to find some paperwork for J.P and ends up running into Kate. 🤣 I LOVE me some Kate! Anyway, After Tommy and Kate do a little catching up, he takes her to meet J.P and D-Mac.
  • Family Meeting- The Flynn Family received word back from Dublin that they’re pissed about losing one of the Horsemen. To try and reconcile things the family sets up a plan to ambush Tommy while he’s at the Dahila lab. Of course, Vic wants to tag along to ensure he’s the one that kills Tommy. At first, the family and the remaining Horsemen disagree. However, Vic keeps pushing and gets his way. Now, in addition to taking Tommy down, the remaining Horsemen now have to keep a watchful eye over Vic.   
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Flynn Family Meeting
  • Tommy cancels Christmas in April- The Flynn Family launches their attack on Tommy while he’s at his lab. However, Tommy being the true G that he is awaits their arrival. Tommy takes out two more Horsemen but loses the two Serb soldiers paid to protect him. I couldn’t help but laugh when Tommy sent Vic a text with the score 3-0 (Tommy’s favor).  
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Tommy cancels Christmas
  • “Whose the old white b*tch”- Kate finally meets the rest of her family. J.P is overwhelmed and emotional while meeting his mother for the first time. However, D-Mac wants to know who the ‘old white b*tch is’! 😂 His face when he found out she was his grandmother was pure comedy.  
  • Shook Ones- After finding out his brother is NOT to be fcuked with, Jenard goes to the Flynn Family and the Serbs for help. He offers both families a truce if they help him take his brother and Tommy out of the picture.  
  • The Duo we’ve been waiting for- After finding out Jenard made an attempt on both their lives, Diamond and Tommy decide to team up and back each other. Now that I’ve gotten a taste of how vicious Diamond could be, I can’t wait to see what real damage he and Tommy will do next season.
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  • The War for Chicago- Claudia and the Boys (Flynn Family & CBI) kidnapped J.P in order to draw Tommy out. While trying to devise a plan to get J.P back, Tommy decides to give himself up in exchange for his brother. Everyone meets up at the location and Diamond brings Tommy out (fakes like he’s turning him in) in exchange for his brother. Diamond lets the members of CBI whose in attendance know that Jenard set him up and tried to have him killed, hoping it would cause a division in the gang. Jenard not feeling the situation fires off a few shots and everyone starts shooting. He ends up going after Diamond and Vic ends up going after Tommy. While Tommy & Diamond are busy fighting with Vic and Jenard, Liliana starts taking out the remaining soldiers. Diamond finally has his gun aimed at Jenard but doesn’t shoot. He lets him go under one condition, they split CBI and its territory in half. Tommy finally gets the one up on Vic and brings him out in exchange for J.P. As Paulie goes to get J.P, Claudia notices Liliana about to shoot her Dad and shoots Liliana. I SCREAM NOOOOOOOOO! And, Tommy exposes to everyone that Walter wanted Gloria dead and started the war with the Serbs. Claudia confirms that Tommy is telling the truth and he lets Vic go. Tommy finally gets J.P back however, he loses Liliana in return.  
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Overall I’m pretty happy with this season, I’m happy that Tommy finally got the chance to prove that he could do it on his own without Ghost. I’m extremely excited to see what direction the show will take in season 2. I know a few things I better see: Claudia better pay for Liliana’s death, Vic become more cunning and ruthless, what’s next for J.P and D-Mac’s relationship, what’s next for Tommy & J.P’s relationship, Walter dealing with Vic’s wrath over Gloria’s death, and Diamond & Tommy taking over Chicago. What were your favorite moments from the Season Finale? How did you enjoy Tommy’s book overall? Leave your thoughts below.