My Hair Goals For Longer & Healthier Hair

Back in August 2021, I got a little fed up with my hair and decided to switch my blonde bombshell curls back to their natural black color. This was sort of a big deal for me, I LOVED my blonde hair and I worked very very hair at getting it to the color that I wanted all while still trying to keep it healthy. Basically, instead of bleaching my hair, I would box dye it every 6 mos. until I reached my preferred color. Now fast forward to last year, I started to notice that no matter what I did my wash and gos would no longer last the 5-7 days they usually would. After days 2 or 3, my hair would be super dry and brittle. It was safe to say I did a number on my hair by dying it so much, especially the ends.

After a slight fake panic attack, I switched things up ASAP to try and save my hair. I cut off all the curls that were dry, limp, and saggy, I dyed my hair back to black, and I gave myself some of the best treatments (listed below) that I could find. After a few excessive trims and protective styles (especially during the colder months), I’ve finally gotten my hair back to its healthy state. Sidebar: I fell asleep with one of my protein-based deep conditioners and my hair hasn’t been too happy with me this past week 😩. Aside from that slight slip-up, now that I have my healthy curls back, it’s time to work on retaining my length.

Below are a few of my hair goals that I will be working towards on my journey to longer and healthier hair.

  • Keep hair moisturized at all times- especially when I’m wearing Wash & Go and protective styles.
  • Drink MORE water- This is easier said than done especially because I LOVE me some peach Iced Tea. However, I have been drinking more water and taking my vitamins lately, which I’m proud of. I’ll definitely be working on consuming more water and increasing my intake. I have to make sure my curls are hydrated on the inside as well as the outside.
  • Maintain a healthy moisture/protein balance- In addition to making sure my hair is always moisturized, I want to make sure that my curls are always strong and bouncy. Now that my hair is no longer color treated I probably won’t be using protein treatments as often as I did before. Since I don’t want to cause any protein overload.
  • Ease up on the products- Ahh, I remember when I use to think the more product I added the better my hair would turn out 😩. It definitely took me a while, but I’m glad I noticed how adding all those products was weighing my curls down. When it comes to my curls, a little bit definitely goes a long way. Unfortunately, I’m heavy-handed, so this is a bit easier said than done. 😩🤣🤣. Lately, when adding products I try to start with a little bit then add water, then repeat if needed. So far so good so I hope to keep this going.
  • Be more gentle with my curls- UGH, I really need to STOP touching my curls every second of the day 😂. Once I style my hair, I want to be able to leave it alone until it’s time to refresh it (5-7 days). I also want to be more gentle on my curls when I’m detangling them. At times I feel like I’m ripping out my hair 😔, so I’m praying for more patience and a lighter hand when it comes to detangling my hair. I really need to whisper to myself when detangling “don’t rush the process bish“.
  • Only trim WHEN NEEDED- Gawd🙏🏽, give me the strength to not get scissors happy every time I see some curls out of place. I don’t know it’s like something just comes over me 🤦🏽‍♀️. Anyway, my goal is to pay extra attention to my hair and only trim it when I have to. When those ends are splitting, dry, sad, and extra loose – then and only then, will I snip it!

Well, those are a few of the goals that I will be implementing during my hair journey to longer and healthier hair. During my hair journey, I created a digital hair journal so that I could keep track of the products that I’ve been using, hair cuts/trims, wash days, etc. It has definitely been a huge help to look back and reflect on what has helped (and harmed) my hair during this process. Download your FREE PDF copy and get started on your hair journey to healthy/longer today.

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