Thor 4: ❤️ & ⚡️ – Official Trailer

GlamGeeks, what a pleasant way to beat the Monday Blues. Marvel has blessed us with the long-awaited trailer for Thor 4: Love & Thunder. Excited is an understatement for how I feel right now 😩. This movie will be influenced by my favorite Thor story arc by Jason Aaron, so my expectations will be set pretty high for this one. The last time I was this excited about one of my favorite storylines making its way to the bring screen, was for Captain America’s Winter Soldier (y’all know I love me some Ed Brubaker).

Anyway, let’s not lose focus. Check out the trailer below.

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OMG, doesn’t Jane look AMAZING! 🤩 I can’t wait for the next trailer to see if they will give us a glimpse of Gorr the God Butcher.

Thor 4: Love & Thunders hits Theaters July 8th in the US. Of course, I’ll be in theaters on the 7th! I play NO GAMES!