My Journey to Becoming a Glamorous Project Manager

GlamGeeks, you guys know that I always have to add some GLAMOUR when I do something! Anyway, let’s get into what made me decide to switch my career from Sales Planning (Advertising Sales) to Project Management. Before getting laid off in 2020, I had already felt like I had hit a dead end with my career. No matter where I went or what I did, I just couldn’t make it past a Sales Planner title. Despite, doing manager and director level work😑😒. Now, I can’t throw all the blame for my dead-end career solely on the companies that I’ve previously worked for, because I’ve always had the chance to get my black ass up and LEAVE! However, I was too comfortable (and scared) to walk away and start over. Thankfully, the Universe heard my heart and got me laid off. Now that I was laid off, I had to figure out what was next.

While working as a Sales Planner, one of the responsibilities that always interested me the most was Project Planning & Management. Don’t get me wrong, as a sales planner I didn’t actually manage “projects”, however, I didn’t manage advertising campaigns and many of those skills that I’ve developed over the 15 years were transferrable. Similar to project managers I’ve used strategic thinking to answer RFPs, created timelines/schedules for assets/deliverables, managed budgets, led meetings and kick-off calls, and used campaign metrics to create wrap-up presentations. So, of course, I felt like project management could be my calling. After I realized I had enough transferrable skills to start my journey to project management, my next step was to try and get some experience.

Google Project Management Program, My Journey to becoming a project manager
My journey to becoming a project manager

While researching how to get into the Project Management industry, I found a Google Certification program on Coursera. This fantastic program consists of 6-courses where you’ll learn the in-demand skills to help you start your path to a career in project management. The course takes approximately 6 months to complete, however, you can learn at your own pace. During the courses you apply your skills with hands-on projects, learn through the course videos and readings, and need to past all graded quizzes and assignments.

I highly suggest checking out this program if you’re looking to start a new career or change your current one. I am currently halfway through the certification and I must say I am extremely happy that I decided to pursue this program. In addition to gaining the knowledge needed to get my foot in the door in the project management industry, this program also qualifies me for over 100 hours of project management education, which helps prepare me for Project Management Institute Certifications like the globally-recognized Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®. I’m extremely excited for this journey, and a bit sad that I’m starting so late, but better late than never, RIGHT?

Let me go get ready for my next course in my Google Project Management program. I can’t wait to update you guys when I finish my certification and get ready to prep for my CAPM. I’m extremely excited about this journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Until next time GlamGeeks.


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