My Introduction To The Digital Planner Life.

GlamGeeks! OMG, I recently purchased a digital planner, and let me tell you… I’ve been missing out on life. My planners are the essential tools that I use to keep my hectic lifestyle balanced and organized. I started using planners when I was in college to keep track of my class schedule, work-study schedule, and of course my party schedule. During my journey from college to my professional life, my planner has always been there to keep order during the chaos. Back in 2020 when I launched my company I purchased a separate planner to keep track of my business tasks, schedule, goals, company information, etc.

Now, I know you’re saying to yourself, isn’t having two planners a bit overwhelming? No, Having my work and personal planner combined is more overwhelming to me 😂 ! I’m not a fan of bulky planners, OKAY! Since my planners rarely leave the house I don’t mind having two separate planners. Usually, when I’m leaving the house I’ll take a page out of both my planners (for that day) and I’ll keep it in my purse. I’m trying to break this habit since this ends up putting my pages in danger (ie: getting crumbled in my purse).

I decided to research a few digital planners to see if they would be something I would like and if they would fit my planning lifestyle. I went on to check out a few digital planning templates that would be compatible with my Notibity app (my favorite note-taking app). I also wanted to make sure that I could find something that I would be able to combine both my personal & business planners into one. After searching for a few weeks I landed on this gem below.

GlamGeeks, listen to me when I tell you that this digital planner is absolutely amazing, OMG! She has everything you need and MORE. I never realized how physical planners have kept me limited in what I can plan. With this digital planner, I can plan everything including my budget planner, my projects, travel plans, and so much more!!  This digital planner is fully customizable and comes with a ton of gorgeous stickers. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement 😩😩 I haven’t stopped using it since I’ve purchased it. I love the fact that I no longer have to worry about crumbling my planner pages. I can now replicate and consolidate my planners and have access to them across all my devices. If you’re a member of the planner society (ie: you just love planners) then I highly suggest you check out purchasing a digital planner.

  • Digital Planner, Notability Planner, Dated Digital Planner, 2022 2023 Planner
  • Digital Planner, Notability Planner, Dated Digital Planner, 2022 2023 Planner
  • Digital Planner, Notability Planner, Dated Digital Planner, 2022 2023 Planner

If you’re looking for some suggestions for digital planners check out The Planner Collective. They have an amazing collection. If you’d like a tour of the inside of my planners and digital planner leave a comment below.