Amazon Favorites: Cute Pink Things!

Hey GlamGeeks, I’m back with another list of my Amazon Favorites. You already know Amazon is my favorite place to find pretty much EVERYTHING, from home decor items to adorable innovative things. While shopping, I found some super gorgeous items, and yes, they are all PINK! 

Check out my list below for some of the cute pink items I’ve recently ordered.  

  • 6 Pcs Spa Headband Face Wash Wristband and Headband Set: Nothing is worst than getting your edges wet and water running down your arm while you’re washing your face. This cute wristband and headband set is the perfect combo to help keep your edges dry and prevent water from running down your arm while washing your face. 
  • Bedside Radio Alarm Clock with USB Charger, Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Charging: I searched for a cute wireless speaker the other day and stumbled across this adorable alarm clock with a Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging. Every night before bed, I set my phone down to charge, and it will display the time while playing some soft music to put me to sleep. 
  • Moschino Pink Fresh Couture for Women 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray: The bottle alone for this perfume makes it a must-have. Check out the other yummy scents in similar bottles but different colors. Trust me, it smells great, but this bottle is so adorable I only use it as decor.  
  • Retro Walkman Replica 16000 Portable Power Bank and Wireless Charger: 80s and 90s babies, where ya’ll at? I love to see people’s reactions when I pull out my walkman power bank to charge my phone. I instantly get a flashback of memories when I pull it out to use it, listening to and rewinding my favorite part of a song repeatedly. The minute I laid eyes on this walkman, I knew I had to get it.  
  • BlingSting Handheld Stun Gun: For my Glamourous Gangstas who love to stay armed and ready. This gorgeous stun gun is for you. I love that it’s completely covered in crystals to keep it discreet. 
  • Pink Moet Champagne Hairspray Bottle: I got this as a gift for someone who LOVES Moet Champagne. 
  • The Clean Ball – Keep your Bags Clean: I know I’m not the only one with some crumbs or, in my case ‘w33d shake’ at the bottom of our purses. I love using this extremely sticky ball to eliminate dust and crumbs. Once done, I take it apart, rinse it under water to clean off the dirt, and reuse it!  
  • Pink Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for iPad: For those days that I don’t want to carry my MacBook around but still need to get some work done, I always make sure to have my keyboard and mouse for my iPad. This way, I don’t have to worry about carrying around the extra weight of my MacBook. I ensure I have my iPad, keyboard, and mouse handy.  

Those are a list of some gorgeous pink items I found on Amazon. If you love the color pink and my recommendations, head to Amazon and get your shop on. If you have any suggestions for pretty pink things, leave them below.